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Bennett Consulting, PLLC is a professional limited liability company providing geological consulting services to the mining, geotechnical, forest resource, and civil engineering industries. Surface mine development and permitting is a specialty for both industrial mineral and aggregate projects.

By working with a team of independent engineers, scientists and planners, Bennett Consulting has brought new mines into production, brought old mines up-to-date with respect to regulatory compliance, and supervised the reclamation of depleted mines. Bennett Consulting has worked on mine projects within eleven different Washington State counties, permitted projects through both Washington and Nevada state agencies, as well as the Federal Bureau of Land Management and U. S. Forest Service.

The Scatter Creek Industrial Silica Mine, shown above, is located near Greenwater, King County, Washington. This project was developed and permitted for James Hardie Building Products by Mr. Bennett in 1996. Bennett Consulting continues to supervise its operations.

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